Kendall Jenner's New CK Campaign, Kevin Bacon's Bacon Brothers Band, and Much, Much More

Here's what everybody's gabbing about:

• Early on Wednesday, Kendall Jenner shared a photo from her new Calvin Klein Underwear campaign on Instagram (above), but we think "underwear" might be too generous a word to describe whatever Kendall is wearing. "A belt and some dental floss," maybe, but not underwear.

• This Wednesday marks Kevin Bacon's birthday, and knowing him, he'd love nothing more than for us to celebrate with the music of the Bacon Brothers band. (What? He would! And we do too know him!) So celebrate the Bacon way, and watch our recent Bacon Brothers interview below to learn all about Kevin and Michael's latest album "36¢."

• Taylor Swift has reportedly donated $50,000 to the crowdfunding account of an 11-year-old fan battling leukemia. It's almost enough to restore your faith in humanity, at least until you remember that some idiot raised $5,000 more on Kickstarter to make a bunch of potato salad.

• An Australian architecture firm is planning to erect a 68-story tower in Melbourne inspired by Beyonce's curvaceous body (see conceptual design below). Hopefully, this new building will change way we view skyscrapers, so architects the world over can finally stop basing their designs on Zippy the Pinhead.

• Disney is reportedly developing a live-action film based on Prince Charming. It's unknown at this time whether producers are considering recent Prince Charming actors Richard Madden ("Cinderella") or Josh Dallas ("Once Upon a Time") for the role, or if they're simply planning to take your mother's suggestions and cast Richard Gere or Patrick Dempsey instead.

• SyFy has released a trailer for the third installment in their "Sharknado" series, which they're calling "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No." This time, the entire East Coast is being ravaged by sharks, and it's up to Ian Ziering and Tara Reid to stop them. If they succeed, we're hoping the government can employ similar tactics to combat the similar and very real problem we're currently experiencing on the Eastern Seaboard.

• On Tuesday, Lucasfilm announced plans to make a stand-alone "Star Wars" film about Han Solo, to be directed by "Lego Movie" and "21 Jump Street" directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord. The film will reportedly explore the characters origins, which means that maybe — just maybe — we might finally find out where he got that sweet vest.

• During a break in the filming of his latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, Johnny Depp paid a visit to the sick kids at an Australian children's hospital dressed in his full Jack Sparrow attire (below). The kids were delighted, of course, but perhaps not as delighted as if Depp had arrived as Lord Charlie Mortdecai from his art-heist film "Mortdecai." (Kids just loved that "Mortdecai" movie, right?)

• On Tuesday, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen took a break from posting nude photos of herself to instead post a photo of husband John Legend's naked butt. The caption ("@instagram") suggests she was trying to make a point about censorship, but all she really accomplished was getting fans to picture how fantastic the two of them must look showering together.

• Earlier this week, Selena Gomez shared photos from an ad campaign with Adidas Neo in which she's seen modeling the company's new line of sports bras (see one below). And although we can't speak to the quality of these garments without trying them on personally, the fact that Selena's tops aren't tearing at the seams despite tremendous resistance is certainly a testament to their craftsmanship.

• After announcing in May that he was leaving the cast, "Simpsons" voice actor Harry Shearer has reportedly reconsidered and signed on for (at least) another four seasons. So now, since FOX is no longer looking for his replacement, you should tell your deadbeat brother Larry to stop practicing his Mr. Burns impression and start looking for a real job.

• On Tuesday, celebrity chef Paula Deen became embroiled in yet another controversy when she tweeted an old photo of her son Bobby in brownface, Who knows what the heck she (or even Bobby) was thinking, but it's really starting to seem that Paula doesn't understand the concept of racial sensitivity, much like she doesn't understand the concept of mayonnaise not being soup.

• And finally, newly single reality star Scott Disick has finally broken his silence after being dumped Kourtney Kardashian for his (alleged) infidelity and hard-partying ways. So did he offer an explanation for his behavior? Or beg for forgiveness? Nope! He merely invited his Instagram followers to "Come party with me this Friday in Vegas." Say what you will about this Disick fella, but at least he's consistent.