Kelly Rowland on making Halloween memories for kids, staying close to Destiny's Child

Kelly Rowland has broken records with the chart topping group “Destiny’s Child,” had success as a solo artist, and is also a new mom. Rowland sat down with FOX411to talk about her love of Halloween, whether “Destiny Child’s” will ever reunite, and why her friendship with former bandmates Beyoncé and Michelle Williams is “beautiful.”

FOX411: You’re here with M&M’s to help give out costumes and candy to kids in need in Newark, New Jersey -- my home state. Why is it so important to you?

Kelly Rowland: Well, I’m working with M&M’s to just really make Halloween easier, and more fun, you know, and celebrating of course but we’re also going to do a family fun zone, a pop-up store to where everyone can come and get free costumes and candy, and make it a celebration for the community. And you gotta remember Newark, New Jersey is the birthplace of M&M’s. So, the fact that they’re giving back just speaks volumes about who they are of course as a company and how much they love their hometown. I love it. I’m just really grateful to be a part of it.

FOX411: I’m so happy that M&M’s is doing that. Like I said it’s my home state and every kid deserves to enjoy Halloween. It is a national holiday, and it’s near and dear to all of us kids and adults alike. It brings out the kid in all of us just like M&M’s do.

FOX411: What does it feel like when you see fans dress up as you or even members of “Destiny’s Child” for Halloween?

Rowland: It’s really, really cute. I remember watching this one guy. He actually did a full-on cute, little outfit of myself and I remember he was dressed to the nines. And he looked amazing. You know what I mean of course it’s very flattering. So I love that.

FOX411: That’s really cool. So, talking to you, you have been famous since you were a teenager, and we know there’s some teen stars that fall off the beaten path and have a difficult time, but you have managed to stay so humble and so grounded. Why is that?

Rowland: I have a great circle of people around me, I must say, who don’t play, in complete honesty. My family, my friends and I’m just really grateful for them all. They completely keep it 100 with me. It’s all truth, all truth and I love that about them. They’re not “yes” people.

FOX411: What’s the hardest part of fame right now because you’ve evolved and gone through so much, but what’s one of the trials of it?

Rowland: I think now because I’m a wife and a mom is balancing it all. I, like I just told you off camera, but we were basically talking about just balance. You know, I think that every woman wants to find her balance there’s different dynamics that come into place, you know, from you. You have to be able to pour back to everyone else but you have to pour into yourself first so just really learning that aspect of it all has been really interesting.

FOX411:  What’s interesting with “Destiny’s Child,” even when you guys, and I wouldn’t say broke up necessarily…

Rowland: Mmhmm.

FOX411: But kind of went on a hiatus....

Rowland: Yeah, we took our time apart.

FOX411: You guys stayed close; you, Michelle and Beyoncé. So, why did the fame never get to you? Because we saw with “The Supremes” and so many other famous girl groups, and people like to take women and pit them against each other.

Rowland: You are correct about that. You know what, it’s really how we interact with each other and the bond that we have, and that’s what’s most important to us. We’ve been able to carry that in our lives. You know what I mean? Michelle was right there when my son was born.  B (Beyoncé) was right there when my son was born and the same vice versa so it’s just really a beautiful relationship that we have, and it’s deeper than “Destiny’s Child.”

FOX411: For “Destiny’s Child” fans, because I grew up with your music, you and I are very close in age.

Rowland: Yes!

FOX411: I’m an independent woman thanks to you guys. Is there ever going to be a “Destiny’s Child” reunion?

Rowland: We haven’t talked about it. We haven’t talked about it at all, and it’s just something that hasn’t come up in conversation to be completely honest.

FOX411: Please let it.

Rowland: In the meantime, we’re doing our own individual projects. I’m just happy to be here of course partnering with M&M’s and bringing the fun and life back into the city of Newark, New Jersey. It’s one my favorite places because of course Whitney (Houston) was born there.

FOX411: That’s right.

Rowland: So, I think it’s just about having fun and celebrating children and youth and creating more memories to have, you know, to take with you through life.