Kate Upton thanks co-stars for helping with her bikini beach jog in ‘The Other Woman”

Kate Upton has been in movies before, but she’s never had as big a role as she does in “The Other Woman” opposite comedy stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

“She was amazing,” Diaz told FOX411 of her Sports Illustrated model co-star. “She delivered above and beyond our expectation.”

Upton plays one of three women being cheated on by the same guy.

“It’s a story about female friendship,” Diaz explained. “We create a villain in Mark as the most extreme case of a terrible pathological liar, and we utilize that to serve our purposes … to bring the women together because of their relationship with him, otherwise they never would have known one another.”

The actresses got to know each other off screen as well, and Upton says Mann and Diaz were there for her all the way.

“Whenever I was in a bikini, I was feeling uncomfortable, because there was like 60 people staring at me, and they saw that, and they actually came and ran beside the camera to support me and were encouraging me,” Upton said. “So if you guys could shoot Sports Illustrated with me and encourage me, that would be so much fun!”

And about Upton’s famous body, Diaz had nothing but praise.

“Are you kidding me? We got to see it firsthand,” she said. “Y’all have to see it up on the screen.”

“The Other Woman” opens nationwide on Friday.