Justin Bieber deposition a set up? The 3 most humiliating moments (plus a zinger)

How do you spell 'humiliation'?

J-U-S-T-I-N B-I... okay you get the picture.

The now videotape of Justin Bieber's disastrous deposition in a case involving his bodyguard has been burning up the Web all week. TMZ got hold of the 6+ hour recording and published what it thought were some of its most hilarious and pathetic out takes.

But now Bieber's people smell a rat. According to Page Six, Bieber thinks the video recording was a setup.

“The video was leaked so quickly that Justin’s legal team believes it was all a setup," a source told the gossip column. "The questions Justin was being asked, including questions about Usher, had nothing to do with the case."

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Some of the questions were indeed strange. We have gone through the tapes and come up with our Top 4 Bieber Busts in responding to said queries.

First, we give you Justin failing to understand he may want to corral his employees from time to time.

Second, Bieber tries to go ballistic in defense of Selena Gomez, only to slip into a strange, sad finger wag.

Third, Bieber retaliates! And with a zinger aimed squarely at the opposing lawyer's manhood, no less.

Finally, Bieber fails to use the English language as it was intended. Sigh.

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