John Doe No. 1 drops case against Travolta as reported new holes emerge in John Doe No. 2's claims

A Beverly Hills Hotel masseur filed papers to dismiss his harassment case against actor John Travolta Tuesday, according to a court document obtained by

John Doe No. 1 initially claimed that the actor assaulted him on January 16 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But flight records show Travolta was in New York City at the time and was even photographed at the Greenwich Hotel in Manhattan, TMZ reports.

No cause for dismissal was given.

Okorie Okorocha, the attorney who announced last week that he had parted ways with the anonymous client, was listed as the lawyer on the notice of dismissal filed.

The news followed possible new holes in a John Doe No. 2's claims against Travolta.

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The Atlanta masseur known as John Doe No. 2 claimed that Travolta grabbed, rubbed and caressed his buttocks and upper thighs during a Jan. 28 encounter. The suit also alleged that the "Pulp Fiction" actor began masturbating toward the end of the session, TheWrap reports. John Doe No. 2 resigned from his position as a manager at the Atlanta facility the next day, but never cited his encounter with Travolta among the laundry list of complaints to his employer in his resignation letter, according to the New York Post. 

The massage therapist claims Travolta was seeking more than a traditional massage during a Jan. 28 encounter. He resigned from his position as manager of the Atlanta area facility, but did not mention the encounter with Travolta in his complaints, the Post reports.

"After careful thought regarding the recent events that took place today, I have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to resign my position as lead therapist. Effective immediately, I will assume my role as a massage therapist and [aesthetician],” the accuser wrote in an e-mail to two female bosses and the male GM of the hotel, where the Travolta incident allegedly took place.

“After experiencing insubordination, disrespect and unnecessary gossip are not qualities that I am accustomed to and will not accept in a management position. As a member of the [hotel] management team, I was expecting to grow with the spa and grow professionally."