Jessica Robertson would love to do a children's clothing line

Jessica Robertson has always loved sewing, a hobby she too up in earnest when she married Jep. For many years she was a sales rep for a clothing company, a job she loved but had to give up as “Duck Dynasty” grew in popularity. But the mom of four, hasn’t put away her needle and thread just yet.

“I sew really well,” she told Rob Shuter of VH-1’s “The Gossip Table,” “I quilt a lot. I’ve just taught the girls how to sew. I’ve made baby clothes, quilts and bedding and sold it to boutiques around here. I have a love for fashion and creating clothing.”

So can we expect to see a Duck inspired line of kid’s clothing anytime soon?

Yes if Robertson has any say in it. She would love to design a line of clothes but in keeping with her Christian values don’t expect to see a whole lot of skin showing.

“I’m a modest person,” she explained. “That doesn’t mean I don’t like trendy things. I just know I want to cover up. I would never want anyone looking at my child that way. Even when my girls wear skirts I put little shorts on underneath.”