Italian TV show pulled off the air after complaints of 'offensive' sexism

Italy's state-run RAI television has canceled a weekend talk show after it came under blistering criticism for a segment about why Eastern European women purportedly make good girlfriends.

The March 18 broadcast of "Let's Talk About it Saturday" featured a list of qualities that, according to RAI, explained the appeal of Eastern European women, including that they get back in shape quickly after childbirth, forgive betrayals, let men take the lead and are "perfect" housewives.

The broadcast drew widespread condemnation, even in a country that frequently portrays women as sex objects on television.

Laura Boldrini, president of the lower chamber of parliament, said the show was offensive, shameful and "unacceptable that women are presented like domestic animals on a TV show."

The pressure forced RAI to yank the show Monday.