Is Taylor Swift really a mean girl?

Taylor Swift’s reign as pop music’s sweetheart may be coming to an end… and fast.

Swift’s behavior in recent weeks has left some of her longtime fans questioning their devotion to the “Shake it Off” singer.

On Wednesday, Swift’s most recent ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris slammed the starlet on Twitter and fueled rumors that she was out to take down Katy Perry.

Perry then responded to Harris’ outburst with a retweet of a message she’d sent out in May 2015 that read, “Time, the ultimate truth teller.”

The tweets begged the question: Is Swift actually a mean girl?

And now, Swift fans are taking sides, and her critics are celebrating the rapid influx of negative attention the starlet is getting.

Some die-hard Swift fans admit they are bothered by her recent behavior.

But a fair amount of Swift’s supporters are steadily standing by her.

Swift has made headlines in recent weeks for her whirlwind, PDA-filled relationship with Tom Hiddleston, which came just weeks after her breakup with Harris. Then, she threw and over-the-top celeb-filled Fourth of July bash, showing off her A-list group of friends.

On Wednesday, news broke that Swift's team confirmed that she wrote one of Harris' hits, which didn't sit well with her ex, causing Harris to rant against her on Twitter.

In the past, Swift has been celebrated as one of Hollywood's nicest celebs, with a loyal group of A-list friends singing her praises. She's also been known to visit ill fans and treat her supporters to special surprises, all while seemingly staying away from the darker drug-filled side of the Hollywood party scene, making her a role model to young fans.