Is Ronda Rousey becoming the female version of ‘The Rock?’

In a matter of months Ronda Rousey has gradually gone from being a female fighting champ known in the UFC circles to a full-on mainstream celebrity. She's graced the big screen with roles in “Furious 7” and “Entourage.” She was also announced to star in MGM’s “Road House” remake. She even has a role in the upcoming “Mile 22” and her autobiography “My Fight/Your Fight” will be made into a movie, which she will star in. Plus, Marvel revealed it’s open to the idea of her appearing as a superhero a flick.

As Rousey continues to take over the Hollywood spotlight, Bonnie Fuller, editor of, thinks the fighting champ has a lot in common with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

"Ronda is becoming the female version of The Rock,” she said. “She's just like The Rock -- she's smart, funny, a great role model aside from being so athletically accomplished. What's also so admirable is that despite her success, she remains humble and self-effacing, which is additionally impressive. It's great that we finally have a female Rock.”

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However, Rick Cerrone, image consultant and former PR manager of the NY Yankees, believes that the UFC fighter has to choose her roles carefully if she wants to see success on Johnson’s level.

“She’s not automatically on her way. There are a lot of things that have to happen that she has to strategize this very carefully,” he explained. “I think you have to know what your strengths are and know what your weaknesses are and not dive in to take a movie lead you don’t feel at this time depending on the type of movie.”

Cerrone noted that many athletes that have failed to transition into acting.

“There have been a number of athletes that tried to make this jump that have not been able to do it. Dwayne Johnson certainly is one that was able to do it,” he said. “Perhaps one of the things she should do is talk to him about some of the things [he] did or didn’t do. She has a real opportunity here.”

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And Rousey may soon do something that The Rock has yet to try his hand at: appear in a Marvel movie. In the past, The Rock expressed some interest in playing Marvel’s character Luke Cage, however that did not happen.

Rousey expressed her interest in appearing in a Marvel movie during an August Reddit AMA (ask me anything). The question was if she was a superhero which hero would she play? Her answer was Captain Marvel.

The Internet has been abuzz since Rousey’s response and the fighter took to social media to share fan-made art of herself as a superhero, writing: “Since the Reddit AMA I’ve received so many badass Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel edits. There were so many cool ones I couldn’t pick just one to share.”

Marvel studios president Kevin Feige revealed on October 2nd he isn’t opposed to the idea of her playing Captain Marvel.

“I love it,” he told IGN .“That happens occasionally, and I think that’s a testament more to the strength of the characters.”

He continued, "Going back to my early days at Marvel, there were always various people campaigning to be Wolverine. I guess that was pre-Twitter and pre-Internet days, but still for some reason would pop up in Wizard Magazine. Wizard Magazine would always have 'this person wants to play this role!' It's a testament to how great the characters are that it appeals to such a wide range of talented, talented people."

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, believes Rousey’s career will continue to flourish from here on out.

“Ronda Rousey is a brilliant athlete, and a great marketer,” he said. “She has attracted celebrity followers, is a fan favorite and a brilliant athlete as well as a brilliant marketer. She is ambitious, smart, driven and a cross-over star. Do I think she will win any Oscars for her acting? Absolutely not. Do I think she has a very healthy career as a marketer for a number of years? Absolutely.”

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