Is Jen Aniston's Topless Scene in 'Horrible Bosses' Real or Hype?

America's sweetheart takes on a new role as a sex-crazed dentist in this week's R-rated comedy "Horrible Bosses."

Aniston plays a bad girl who sexually harasses her assistant, Charlie Day, and eventually blackmails him.

But persistent rumors of a topless scene in the movie have had people wondering, how bad did Jennifer Aniston go?

"I have no idea where those rumors started, but its a good rumor," Aniston told the Chicago Sun-Times. She also dismissed speculation that a topless scene could appear on a DVD. "Not true at all...Where do these things start?"

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Um, maybe the studio's promotional materials?

There's also that Red Band trailer for the movie shows reveling shots of Aniston from the film in an open medical jacket with no shirt or bra underneath.

Shots of her in lingerie participating in some lewd behavior with fruit, popsicles and hot dogs have people curious about what exactly will be revealed in the movie.

The movie comes out July 8, when all will be revealed.