In the FOXlight: The Action in 'Hitman: Agent 47' Feels 'As Real As Possible,' Says Rupert Friend

If action is what you're after, "Hitman: Agent 47" is everything you could want in a summer flick.

Based on the popular video game series from IO Interactive, "Agent 47" tells the story of a genetically cloned hitman-for-hire (Rupert Friend) and a fellow agent (Hannah Ware) as they fight to bring down a nefarious corporation that plans to exploit him.

"Now, people are more interested in it feeling as real as possible," says star Rupert Friend of the action and fight sequences. "So as far as we're concerned, we wanted it to feel real, and gritty, and kind of urban, and not 'Batman' from the '60s."

And since it's based on an immersive, visually stunning video game franchise, "Agent 47" plays out with all the style and creativity you'd expect from a top-notch shooter.

"Because it evolves from a video game, the visual component, I think, is very important," says actor Zachary Quinto, who plays a CIA agent named Smith. "You get it [in the] effects of the gunshots, for example. You can feel the video game qualities."

For more on "Hitman: Agent 47," including a bunch of heart-pounding clips from the film, be sure to watch the entire interview above.