In the FOXlight: Gladys Knight Releases 'Where My Heart Belongs,' Wants to Work With Kanye

Gladys Knight has been filling our eardrums with music for more than 50 years — and she shows no signs of stopping.

Knight, 70, just released "Where My Heart Belongs," a new album that's just as entertaining and fun as it was to make. "I really enjoyed doing this album," she told FOX entertainment correspondent Michael Tammero. "There was such a good spirit in the room with everybody that participated on it."

To top it off, the seven-time Grammy winner felt the recording process was one of the most peaceful and drama-free of her career. "There was no drama … I didn't have to stomp my foot at nobody," she laughed.

And as for future projects? Knight didn't say specifically, but she hinted at a number of popular artists she's dying to work with — Kanye West included. "He has a unique sound, and he's creative … so is John Legend, and Missy [Elliot]," she explained. "I like staying current. To me, that's one of the great things about our industry: that it's ever-changing," she added.

Watch the video above to hear more from Gladys, and be sure to check out "Where My Heart Belongs," online and in stores now.