In the FOXlight: Aaron Tveit of 'Grease: Live' is a Little Nervous About Following in Travolta's Footsteps

It's safe to say everybody's excited for FOX's upcoming broadcast of "Grease: Live" — everybody expect for maybe Aaron Tveit. He's too busy rehearsing.

"Big shoes, big shoes!" joked Tveit about stepping into the iconic role of Danny Zuko for FOX's live production. "No pressure at all!"

As Tveit explained to FNC correspondent Michael Tammero, following in the footsteps of John Travolta is a lot to process. Still, he's confident he can capture some of that magic.

"What [Travolta] does is so interesting, because at all times, he's funny and vulnerable and tough and cool. It's like all these things at once," said Tveit, whose previous work includes roles in "Graceland" and "Les Miserables" (to name a few). "I feel like there's a responsibility to nod to that, and honor that, but at the same time, make it my own."

It certainly helps that Tveit has been singing "Grease" songs since high school, too.

"'Summer Nights,' I think, is my favorite song of the show. And that was a song that they used to play at the end of our high school dances, so I probably sang that at the top of my lungs many times," he said. (You and us both, Tveit.)

Watch the interview above for more from Aaron, including his praise for co-star Julianne Hough and clips from their "Grease: Live" rehearsals. And be sure to tune in to see Veidt and Hough in "Grease: Live," airing January 31st on FOX.