'House of Cards': Kevin Spacey says Bill Clinton loves the show

By now many “House of Cards” fans have probably finished President Frank Underwood’s scandal-filled third season. FOX411 spoke with stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright about the binge-watching phenomenon, and what President Clinton said about how much their show gets right.

FOX411: You’re not binge-watchers?


FOX411: So what do you think then when someone says "Oh I watched Season 3 in X amount of hours"?

SPACEY: I think it's extraordinary. I mean, I understand people have parties and they get together and they lose a lot of sleep and husbands get angry at their wives if they watch it before they do and on and on. Look, I think however people want to allow their entertainment to unfold for them is entirely up to them and that’s one of the reasons why it's I think so positive that we've given them that choice.

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    FOX411: Along those lines, coming from the different mediums that you’ve worked in, what has it been like to be at the center of all this, this changed viewing landscape?

    SPACEY: Well I don't think we invented binge watching, binge watching was happening, you can go back to box sets, you can actually go back to when things like “Breaking Bad” were showing on Netflix before they started making original content.

    WRIGHT: You’d sit and watch a whole season in a night…

    SPACEY: People love to do it. So it seems as if we stepped into a moment when A) that was already happening, but I also think that we managed to perhaps in some ways prove that we learned the lesson that the music industry didn't learn. Which is give people what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it in, at a reasonable price, and the chances are they’ll buy it and they won't steal it.

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    FOX411: In terms of the social media... when they announce Season 3 is ready, do you look at what people are saying or how much talk there is?

    SPACEY: No.

    FOX411: Once it wrapped, you've moved on?

    SPACEY:  I put things out on Twitter and other things, I'm relatively active on it, but I don't study it like a science.

    FOX411: Robin, you got to go behind the camera and direct so what was that experience like?

    WRIGHT: The greatest ever. Yeah, I would like to do that more of the times.

    SPACEY: She's good at it too.

    FOX411: (To Spacey) Do you want to do that?

    SPACEY:  Well we don't know if we’re going to do a fourth season yet, but I know that it's a lot of work, it’s a lot of prep, and I just in the last couple of seasons I haven't been able to it because I’ve had so much (WRIGHT: You have so many words all the time) so much to do as Frank that there just hasn’t been the time.

    FOX411: What has been one of the most surprising comments you’ve gotten about the show from someone in politics?

    SPACEY: (President Clinton Impersonation) I love that “House of Cards.” It's so good. (WRIGHT: Is that what he said?) I love it. Ninety-nine percent of what they do on that show is real, and the one percent they got wrong is you can never get an education bill passed that fast. He didn't actually say that, but I told him that I’m saying that as if he did.

    WRIGHT: Well somebody did say that to me in D.C.

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