Hilarious video shows Shakira struggling with the wind for the perfect selfie

Taking the perfect selfie takes a lot of work — and Shakira learned that the hard way.

The Colombian singer recently shared a sexy-looking self-portrait on Instagram in which she looked flawless.

But it was not easy getting the right look, judging by the hilarious play-by-play her soccer star boyfriend Gerard Pique later showed.

In a subsequent behind-the-scenes video, Pique shows his leading lady trying to get her hair to cooperate in some high winds.

Shakira captioned the video: “What us girls have to go through to get a selfie.”

However, it was Pique’s commentary that made it hilarious.

“Check it out, trying to take a photo,” he is heard saying in Spanish. “Me, 30 minutes here inside the car as she takes a picture.”

“Now she wants to do a rocker shot with her hair, that ‘my hair is very rock’,” he continues.

Shakira then notices that he is actually filming her — and mocking her.

Taking the perfect selfie is hard work.

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