Heidi Montag: Reality show and plastic surgery infamy like a 'lifelong sentence'

Former reality star Heidi Montag says her persona on MTV’s “The Hills” and the infamy she earned from getting ten plastic surgery procedures in one day have made her a prisoner to her fame.

In an interview with Celebuzz.com, Montag says she and husband Spencer Pratt did not realize what they were doing when they were chasing fame on the MTV reality show.

“I’ll never be able to be Heidi Montag, a normal person, again,” she told Celebuzz. “What [I've] done is something that you can’t undo and that’s what I didn’t realize. It’s a very different life. It’s like a lifelong sentence.”

She added, “I’ve been…getting re-grounded and getting back to a normal life and figuring out what my goals and aspirations are. [Spencer and I] are not those people on The Hills anymore. We never were. It was more an acting role than anything else. But we played those character and when you start playing a character you kind of start to become more of a character.”

Montag said that she initially pretended to be “this spoiled rich girl” that she wasn’t in reality and that it almost “destroyed” her.“I’m from really humble beginnings. I’ve never been this Hollywood diva, but you get caught up in what you’re pretending to be.”

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She is now working on getting back in shape for unnamed projects. After her drastic ten surgeries, she said she stopped working out.

“Now I’m getting back into it I feel the best ever,” she said. “I’m gonna be the healthiest and fittest ever. I feel really good.”

Montag also said she will not make the mistake of letting her priorities get out of order.

“My priorities are my family, my husband, my love life and my happiness and everything after that is great,” she said. “But my priorities are not money, fame and fashion. I am very grateful for everything I’ve had but I will never make those mistakes again and I will never compromise myself and pretend to be someone that I’m not.”

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