Harry Styles Speaks Out About Dating Kendall Jenner

1D Day on Nov. 23 went from silly to serious when Piers Morgan surprisingly quizzed Harry Styles about his recent date with Kendall Jenner and broke millions of girls hearts in the process.

Styles, whether on purpose or not, didn’t do a very good job dispelling rumors that he and Jenner are now a couple after their romantic dinner date on Nov. 20. When the British talk show host asked for a straight answer on the couple during 1D Day, he definitely didn’t deny it.

After Morgan asked the singer whether he and the reality show star  are dating he replied, “No.” But Styles couldn’t keep things black and white, and after a short pause he added, “I guess.”

As the moment’s awkwardness increased, he continued to babble on: “We went out to dinner. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Finally an off-screen producer came to the teen heartthrob's aid, shouting, “Let’s move on!” a demand that Styles then echoed, clearly anxious to get out of the question.

Right now, it seems like all signs are pointing to them being an item. Not only was he obviously unable to deny it on 1D Day, but just a day after their romantic date, he returned to the scene of the crime, Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif. And while there, an eyewitness claimed to have seen him texting her.

“I saw him firsthand texting her,” the insider said. “I got close enough to his booth and he was texting Kendall. Her pic was on his phone and when he was texting and typing into the phone her name was at the top of the message bar.”