Hannah Storm gets emotional on the air with news of John Saunders' death

“SportsCenter” took a heartbreaking turn on Wednesday when Hannah Storm nearly broke down crying on the air as she announced to viewers that her co-worker John Saunders had died.

A visibly emotionally Storm shared the news with viewers, interrupting her broadcast from Rio de Janeiro to remember her colleague.

“I have some shocking and sad news to report to you,” she said as her voice broke, looking down at her notes.

A teary Storm continued with her voice shaking, “Our generous and talented and beloved colleague John Saunders has died.”

Storm called her former “SportsCenter” co-host “one of the most-familiar faces on ESPN” and spoke about his nearly 30 years at the network.

Storm struggled as she read the conclusion of a statement from ESPN president John Skipper that said that Saunders “will be sorely missed.”

Saunders died early Wednesday morning. He was 61.