Ham and Cheese Gets Gourmet Facelift!

Looking for a creative and easy way to serve prosciutto di parma & parmiggiano reggiano sandwiches? Ham and cheese never tasted this good as Chef David Burke jazzes up the familiar childhood favorite with a fancy twist! Plus, his gourmet hors d'oeuvres will have all your guests talking!

• Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma with Roasted Fig Jam


6 spears of asparagus

6 pieces of thinly sliced prosciutto di parma


extra virgin olive oil

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 cup sherry vinegar


Trim asparagus. Boil until bright green on outside and soft on inside. Shock in ice water. Top with salt/pepper.

Wrap prosciutto di parma tightly around.

• Roasted Fig Jam


Roast seven figs in 350 degree oven.

In a blender, add figs, salt/pepper, 1 ½ cups extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp Dijon mustard and 1 cup sherry vinegar.

Drizzle atop asparagus.

Serve with platter of sliced prosciutto di parma and hunks of parmiggiano reggiano.

• David Burkes’ Goat Cheese Pops wrapped in Prosciutto di Parma


Thinly sliced prosciutto di parma

Balsamic Reduction


Wrap each pop with one slice prosciutto.


Reduce three cups of balsamic vinegar reduced by half.

Serve pops atop sliced cucumbers and drizzle with reduction.

• Prosciutto di Parma & Parmiggiano Reggiano Panini Bites


10 oz prosciutto di parma, cut paper thin

½ tsp dried oregano

½ tsp toasted ground fennel seeds

salt/pepper to taste

Parmiggiano Reggiano for shaving

6 mini English muffins or 6 English muffins cut to 1 ½ in diameter


Cut English muffins in half and dig some bread out of bottom half. Toast both sides.

Place prosciutto di parma into English muffin bottoms.

Invert onto baking sheet and cook about 7 minutes to medium in a 375 degree oven.

Garnish with tomato skewers and shaved parmiggiano reggiano.

• Scrambled Parmiggiano Reggiano Eggs with Prosciutto di Parma Stix in Egg Shells


6 brown organic eggs carefully topped. Reserve egg shells (egg toppers are available at most kitchen stores)

1 cup milk

2 oz. unsalted butter

1 bunch chopped parsley


4 oz. shaved Parmiggiano Reggiano Cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

6 pc. “Pretz” pretzel sticks

6 slices thinly cut Prosciutto di Parma - wrap pretzels in prosciutto and set aside.


Carefully wash egg shells in water, smoothing out any rough edges around the rim. Set aside.

Beat eggs with milk and strain through a fine sieve.

Heat 2 oz. EVO in non-stick skillet.

Add eggs and scramble softly over low heat.

When eggs begin to set pull off the stove and fold in butter and cheese.

Season with salt and pepper and parsley.

Place shells in egg cups and carefully fill up using demitasse spoons.

Garnish each egg with pretzel stick and serve with toast points.

• Parmigiano Reggiano Crisps


? cup finely shredded parmigiano reggiano cheese

1 ½ tsp all purpose flour


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix together parmigiano reggiano cheese and flour.

Using a tablespoon, place mounds of cheese in a lightly greased sauté pan.

Cook until golden brown.

• Baked Potato with Olive Oil, Parmigiano Reggianno and Petite Caesar


12 small red bliss potatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

1 box kosher salt

1 bunch fresh thyme and rosemary


Bake potatoes on sheet pan on layer of kosher salt tin 375 degree oven for approximately 17 mins.

Cut potatoes into quarters.

• Petite Caesar:


1 large clove garlic, peeled

¼ tsp dry mustard

Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper

4 anchovy fillets

6 tbsp olive oil

Juice of 2 lemons

2 large eggs

2 large romaine hearts with leaves cut into quarters

¼ pound parmiggiano reggiano cheese for shaving

2 cups very crisp croutons

1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved


Cut the garlic clove in half and vigorously rub the inside of a wooden salad bowl with the cut sides.

Combine the mustard with the salt and pepper to taste in a small bowl, keeping in mind that both the anchovies and the cheese will add salt to the salad.

Place the anchovy fillets in a small bowl and mash them to a pulp with a fork. Add the olive oil and lemon juice and, using the fork, beat to emulsify. Set aside.

Place the eggs in a small saucepan and cover them with cold water. Place over high heat and bring to a boil. Boil for exactly one minute.

While the eggs are cooking, place the greens into the prepared bowl and toss in the cheese. Toss in the reserved mustard mixture along with the anchovy mixture. Immediately break the eggs over the greens, using a teaspoon to clean out the shells, if necessary and toss to just combine. Add the croutons and briefly toss to mix. Serve immediately.

In the center of 4 salad plates stack romaine, add warm potatoes and tomatoes. Top with croutons and shaved parmiggiano reggiano.