“Game of Thrones” has become famous for its water cooler moments. With the show taking a break for the holiday weekend, here’s a look back at some of the most scandalous scenes in the series that had everyone talking. Some are sexy, some are violent and some are just plain gross. (Spoilers for previously aired episodes below)

1. The Red Wedding

An event so big, it broke Twitter records, and for good reason too. The wedding held in Walter Frey’s castle ended with Catelyn Stark watching her son Rob get murdered, before having her own throat slit. Not to mention the deaths of all of Rob’s men and the cruel killing of his direwolf that poor Arya witnessed. The event may not have shocked fans of the book, but it did offer them a disturbing new twist. Rob’s wife Talisa also was brutally murdered by being stabbed multiple times in the stomach, just minutes after revealing her pregnancy to her husband.

2. Jaime rapes Cersei

Fans were aghast when the seemingly redeemed Jaime Lannister forced himself on his sister, right next to the dead body of their son Joffrey. The show’s director claimed that the act “turned” consensual part of the way through, but viewers took to Twitter to share their doubts. It’s worth noting the act was consensual in the books, causing many fans to question whether the scene was added strictly for shock value.

3. The Purple Wedding

Fans were anxious to see the boy king Joffrey, easily the most universally-despised person in Westeros, bite the big one. Watching Joffrey slowly choke to death after drinking poisoned wine while his mother looked on helplessly was a welcome sight for most viewers. Still, those rooting for the remaining Starks to avenge their family’s deaths ended up a bit disappointed. The woman behind his murder was protective grandmother Olenna Tyrell.

4. Theon gets cut

Theon Greyjoy’s loyalty may change with the wind, but his love for women (paid for or otherwise), never wavered. He spent most of season three being tortured by Ramsay Snow, who was saving his most diabolical act for last. After having two women arouse his hostage, he entered the scene and promptly sliced off Theon’s manhood. If that didn’t turn your stomach, surely Theon’s father receiving his son’s severed body part via mail did you in.

5. Ned loses his head

Sean Bean, who played Stark patriarch Ned, was featured heavily in all of the promos for “Game of Thrones” and was a selling point to many new fans. This made his beheading in season one that much more shocking. Daughter Sansa begged King Joffrey not to go through with it, but was forced to watch the violent act, as was Arya, who’d escaped into the crowd. The killing of a main character before the first season even ended proved this was one show that doesn’t play by the rules.

6. Oberyn’s orgy

When Oberyn Martell came on the scene earlier this year, it was clear we hadn’t met a character quite like this. Affectionately referred to as The Red Viper by fans of the books, he is not one to turn down any of life’s pleasures. This was especially evident during a scene depicting an orgy, when Oberyn made it clear he doesn’t discriminate between the sexes.

7. Bran catches Jaime and Cersei in the act

For many fans of the show, this was the moment that drew them in. Bran Stark often climbed up the towers of Winterfell and while he was warned against it, no one could have predicted he’d catch twin brother and sister Jaime and Cersei Lannister having sex on the top floor. Jaime’s plan to keep Bran quiet? Pushing the young boy out the window, which led to him being paralyzed.

8. Jon Snow and Ygritte do the deed

The honorable Jon Snow took a vow of celibacy when he entered the Night’s Watch, but viewers knew it wouldn’t be long before he was tempted. Once he became a hostage of the Wildlings, Ygritte taunted him relentlessly, mocking his chastity. Mid-season three they found themselves alone in a cave and she made a man out of him, an act that made his eventual abandonment of her sting just a bit more.

9. Joffrey kills Ros

In an effort to tame his nephew’s violent tendencies, Tyrion sent two prostitutes to Joffrey’s room as a nameday present. What he didn’t expect was for the sadistic boy king to aim a crossbow at the women as he forced them to beat each other. It ended up being foreshadowing for an event in season three, which found Joffrey using Ros, an unlucky prostitute, as a live target, shooting and pinning her to his bed with multiple crossbow bolts.

10. Daenerys Targaryen: Mother of Dragons


Daenerys Targaryen had seemingly lost it all by the first season finale. Her husband was dead, her child stillborn and her ability to lead the Dothraki in question. When Dany entered husband Drogo’s burning funeral pyre with three dragon eggs, it seemed certain she too, would perish. The next morning Dany emerged, naked and unharmed, three baby dragons clinging to her. The iconic image secured actress Emilia Clarke a place in the hearts of fanboys for life.