Former 'Dog Whisperer' talks taming Seinfeld's pups, new season of 'Cesar 911'

Dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, who gained fame with his former show, “Dog Whisperer,” begins the third season of “Cesar 911” Friday with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is overwhelmed by the first two pups he’s ever owned.

The Dachshunds, named Jose and Foxy, each has its own problem. Foxy seems to detest Seinfeld, and Jose won’t stop barking.

Millan, who describes “Cesar 911” as a show in which he deals with extreme behavior that have owners rethinking keeping their pets, comes to the rescue by paying a visit to the home of Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld.

The biggest challenge in the Seinfeld-Dachshund case?

“Jerry being Jerry is very fun to be around, the whole entire time you’re laughing,” Millan said in an interview with Fox News Latino. “That was my challenge – to not laugh because I wanted to be serious.”

“It was hard, but it was fun.”

Other extreme behavior cases that Millan will be dealing in the new season involve dogs who fatally attack other animals. Millan said that is becoming more common as people bring non-traditional animals such as pigs and goats into their home as pets.

“The cases this season are way more extreme than ever,” Millan said, adding that he enjoys working with pets that seem incorrigible to others. “One dog killed two pigs. Another dog killed four goats.”

“I don’t like to say ‘Let’s give up on a dog,’” Millan said. “I think ‘Let’s give up on being lazy, let’s give up on thinking negative.’”

Millan came from Mexico as a young man with dreams of bringing his dog training gifts to his adopted homeland. He eventually built an empire around his love of dogs. It includes not just TV shows that became hits, but also books, pet products, magazines and a website.

The famous dog expert is not the only Millan debuting a new season.

His son, Andre, who many saw as a young boy on the “Dog Whisperer,” going along with his father to address dogs’ worrisome behavior, is launching the first primetime talk show for pet owners.

“Pet Talk,” where Andre, who is 21, will be a field reporter, will air on Friday, Feb. 19.

Like “Cesar 911,” “Pet Talk” will air on Nat Geo WILD at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, following Cesar Millan’s show, which airs at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.