FNM Exclusive: The Surprising Way Christie Brinkley, 61, Stays in Incredible Shape

Up until now, we've attributed Christie Brinkley's remarkable non-aging to a combination of supernatural curses, time travel, and literal fountains of youth that she, and only she, has access to. But according to the 61-year-old supermodel herself, at least part of her ageless appearance is due to good ol' fashioned healthy living.

How do we know? Well, we recently caught up with Brinkley in New York City to discuss her new book "Timeless Beauty," which features over 100 of her secrets for staying fit and fabulous for decades (and decades) to come.

"It's a book for everybody," she tells FNM in an exclusive interview. "If you're young and gorgeous, it'll keep you that way. And if you're older, like me, and you're trying to just push back those hands of time, it'll give you tips to do that as well."

More specifically, Brinkley's book touches on skin care, diet, makeup, hair, and — last but not least — her own personal workout secrets.

"I urge people to make your workout fun," says Brinkley, who clearly practices what she preaches. "Currently, I'm doing a lot of bike riding. I like to do the Peloton and the Soul Cycle [spinning classes], and it's just so fun."

And when she can't make time for an exercise class? "I crank up the music and I dance around the house," she adds.

In fact, in "Timeless Beauty," Brinkley gives readers tips on how to get great workouts during their "captive" time, like when they're driving or even drying their hair.

"You don't always have to get an expensive gym membership," she says. "The important thing is to keep moving, and to make it fun, and have variety — it's the spice of life."

For more, watch our exclusive interview with Brinkley above, and be sure to pick up "Timeless Beauty," in bookstores now.