FNM Exclusive: Scotty McCreery Says New Single 'Southern Belle' Is 'More Edgy, But Still Pretty Country'

There's no mistaking Scotty McCreery's deep, twangy voice, but his latest single has a few big surprises in store.

According to McCreery, "Southern Belle" isn't like anything he's ever recorded. "It's kind of a new sound for me," says McCreery. "A little more edgy, I guess you'd say, but still pretty country. It's a new flavor. I'm hoping the fans dig it."

So what makes "Southern Belle" so different from anything Scotty's fans have heard? For starters, McCreery says he had to remind himself to keep an open-mind when he was first presented the song, which was written by Sean McConnell and Jason Saenz.

"When I heard it, I was like 'Wow. That sounds like a hit,'" says McCreery. "So I cut it, I made it my own, and I'm really excited about what came about."

"Anytime we're making a record, we're trying to change it up a little bit," McCreery adds. "[We] throw the fans a little curveball. Keep 'em on their toes."

For more about "Southern Belle," as well as McCreery's songwriting process for the new album, watch the rest of FNM's exclusive interview in the video above. And for a taste of his latest single, be sure to check out "Southern Belle," below.