FNM Exclusive: Matt Thomas Tells Us How Parmalee Deals With 'Family Arguments' on the Road

On their latest single "Roots," Matt Thomas of Parmalee sings, "It don't matter where I plant these boots, I can't outrun these roots." But the way Thomas sees it, that isn't always such a bad thing.

"'Roots' is about … all those things that make you who you are," Thomas tells Fox News Magazine of the sentimental song. "[It's about] where you grew up, who you grew up around. How those things will stay with you throughout life."

"Maybe you hear something, you see something, you smell something that reminds you and takes you right back to where you came from," he adds.

In Thomas' case, though, it probably doesn't take much to bring him right back to where he came from. Thomas grew up alongside band-mates Scott Thomas and Barry Knox (his brother and cousin, respectively) and guitarist Josh McSwain has always been a close friend, so the band literally can't escape their family roots even if they wanted to. (And that almost never happens.)

"Me and Barry and Scott have always been in bands together … and Josh is like family now," says Thomas. "I think we work well together."

"But, I mean, it is family. You're gonna argue," he clarifies. "I think you just gotta know when to split out. When to go have your own time and let everybody else have their own time."

"But I think it works in a good way," adds Thomas. "We are all family, and we're all providing for the same people, so we have the same goal in mind."

Watch the clip above for more from Thomas, including the reason you should "watch your back" when Brad Paisley comes around.