FNM Exclusive: Lita Ford Tells Us Crazy Stories About Her Rock-Star Lovers

It's only natural to reminisce about a past lover. Whether it was his smile, his hair, or the way he covered himself in fake blood and set himself on fire, there's just something about an old flame that can never be extinguished from our memories.

In Lita Ford's case, those memories are a lot more interesting than most. In her memoir "Living Like a Runaway," Ford goes into detail about her relationships with rock legends like Nikki Sixx and Eddie Van Halen — and she wasn't afraid to re-tell those tales in an exclusive interview with FNM.

"My first love, of course, was Nikki Sixx," Ford tells FNM. "We helped each other along the way, because he was young and struggling, pre-Mötley Crüe."

But even with no money (and very little food), Ford says she and Sixx still found ways to entertain themselves.

"He had these boots that were two sizes too small, and he would pour lighter fluid on them, and then light them with a Bic lighter, and then go on stage with these boots," laughs Lita.

"Obviously, [Mötley Crüe] progressed as far as pyrotechnics go," she adds.

Watch the rest of our exclusive interview with Ford for more about her former flames, like the time her ex walked in on her and Eddie Van Halen!