FNM Exclusive: Hayley Orrantia Says 'God's Not Dead 2' Raises an Issue America 'Should Talk About'

Hayley Orrantia might be known for her quick comedic timing on "The Goldbergs," but her newest project sees her in a different, much more dramatic light.

In the new film "God's Not Dead 2," Orrantia plays an inquisitive student who brings up the subject of religion in school, thereby setting off a debate between her teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) and school board about what should — and what shouldn't — be discussed.

"[It's] about a student who asks a question that compares the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. to Jesus Christ, in class," Orrantia explains. "The movie is pretty much about whether or not we should be allowed to talk about God in school, and whether or not someone should be punished for talking about God in school."

Furthermore, Orrantia tells FNM that a movie like "God's Not Dead 2" is more relevant now than ever.

"Everyone kinda feels like they have to walk on eggshells … talking about certain subjects in our country, and I think this is one of them that we're trying to sweep under the rug," she says. "'God's Not Dead 2' kind of raises it up and puts it in peoples' faces and says, 'No, this is something we should talk about.'"

Watch the rest of our exclusive interview for more from Orrantia, and be sure to catch "God's Not Dead 2," in theaters now.