FNM Exclusive: Christie Brinkley's Personal Secrets For Eating Well and Aging Gracefully

The entire world agrees that Christie Brinkley is a fantastic human specimen, as she's maintained the same gorgeous looks and killer physique for decades.

But as it turns out, the secret behind Brinkley's beauty isn't that she's learned to defy the aging process; it's also that she actively embraces it.

"There's so much stress on women these days to feel like they have to be perfect, and you just don't have to be perfect!" says Brinkley, who recently released "Timeless Beauty," a tome containing her tips and tricks for looking (and feeling) great.

"As much as I'm [telling readers] ways to push the wrinkles aside, or get rid of the wrinkles if it bothers you, I also want people to accept a certain amount of this stuff as inevitable and learn to love it."

And although she specifically shies away from using the word "diet" (she calls it "deny-eting" because it focuses on what you can't eat), we think Brinkley's eating habits might have something to do with her ageless appearance.

"I became a vegetarian when I was 13-years-old," says Brinkley. "I figure, hey, if they're shooting a cow full of growth hormones in order to speed up its development, to get it from birth to the slaughterhouse faster, what's it doing to you, you know?"

Watch the rest of Brinkley's interview above for her personal tips for making a "shift" in your eating habits, then pick up a copy of "Timeless Beauty" wherever books are sold.