Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui quits Twitter (& returns) after political spat

Fifth Harmony songstress Lauren Jauregui is the latest to take a Twitter break after a spat with internet trolls over sharing her political views.

It all started on Wednesday when the 20-year-old Miami native tweeted about third-party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein.

"Did you know there's a Woman named Dr. Jill Stein yes DOCTOR who is beautifully educated and actually cares about people instead of money?" Jauregui started. “Did you also know she's running for president?!"

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She continued: “So sad that she didn't get a proper debate or even the ability to let people know she was here..and HERE TO HELP.”

Almost immediately, internet trolls jumped on her post, criticizing her for endorsing a third-party candidate and seemingly promoting a split vote.

Amid the criticism, Jauregui tried to defend herself before ultimately revealing she is supporting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"PS I'm aware a split vote is reality and that it's a bit too late, however I feel like we as a people need to do better as far as educating," she wrote, before adding: "I am definitely with Her for the sake of not having Him in the White House, however, my point was to shed light on things purposefully muted.”

Jauregui then tried to explain that she merely wanted to inform her followers about another option; however, the damage was done and she had enough.

“Some of you are so mean yeah, I didn't know about Jill..and I shared it with people and then like all of this crazy s*** happened,” she tweeted. “I'm taking a break from this s***. Y'all can have your fun and make whatever assumptions about my character you want.”

The break didn’t last long and Jauregui was back on Twitter a few hours later promoting the girl-group’s performance in Glasgow. The group performed in Manchester, England, Friday night.

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