FBI seeks help in finding victims of Hollywood Con Queen after Marvel Studios exec is used in the scam

The FBI has set up a website to find victims of a Hollywood con artist that’s been scamming unsuspecting people in show business with uncanny impersonations of renowned executives since 2013.

The elaborate Hollywood C

on Queen scheme, first reported in 2018 by The Hollywood Reporter, consists of a woman impersonating producers and other executives such as Amy Pascal, Kathleen Kennedy and Stacey Snider. Once a mark is on the hook, they are typically asked to travel to Indonesia on the promise that their expenses will be reimbursed — which they never are.

Not only does the imposter take great pains to know everything about the one she’s impersonating but, the outlet notes, her marks get the same treatment as well. This allows her to give a very convincing performance over the phone that's won over even the most skeptical of people, including former U.S. Marines.


“The FBI is seeking victims who may have traveled to Indonesia between 2013 and the present to pursue a fraudulent offer of employment from individuals claiming to be well-known entertainment industry professionals,” the FBI’s website reads.

Producer Victoria Alonso was impersonated by the infamous Hollywood Con Queen.

Producer Victoria Alonso was impersonated by the infamous Hollywood Con Queen. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

“In this ongoing transnational fraud scheme targeting U.S. citizens, victims are contacted by text, email, or phone with a lucrative job offer in the entertainment industry; victims to date have included writers, stuntpeople, make-up artists, security providers, and photographers. Victims are told the job requires travel to Indonesia, typically Jakarta, for a so-called trial run of their services. When they arrive in Indonesia, the victims are met by a driver and are pressured into providing U.S. currency for the driver’s services. The victims are asked to continue to pay for other services and fees until the trip is completed or they realize they are the victim of a scam. The victims are not reimbursed for the cost of the travel or paid for their services while in Indonesia.”

In addition to wanting money, the Con Queen has a history of goading her marks into sexually explicit phone conversations. A new report from The Hollywood Reporter notes that, to date, nearly two dozen prominent executives have been impersonated by the Con Queen, including Marvel Studios’ executive vice president of production, Victoria Alonso.


Actor Brandon Wengrzynek told the outlet he was contacted by the Con Queen, who allegedly did a shockingly convincing impersonation of Alonso. She reportedly asked him to engage in sexually explicit role-playing to show that he had the acting chops for a role. He claims to have played along to a point before getting too uncomfortable to continue.

The Hollywood Reporter uncovered one of the biggest celebrity con artists ever.

The Hollywood Reporter uncovered one of the biggest celebrity con artists ever. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“I want my name to be loud and clear,” the real Alonso told the outlet. “This is not how we work. This is not who we are. We would never ask people to do that.”

She continued: “It’s a horrible, horrible thing. I’ve had an unimpeachable 30-year career. That somebody is claiming I have done these things — I’ve spent many, many sleepless nights.”


Disney, Marvel’s parent company, launched an internal investigation into the matter and the FBI reminds the public to be cautious as the Hollywood Con Queen remains active and at large.