Faster bodypainting bodes well for a Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique 'X-Men' spinoff

There could be a Mystique "X-Men" spin-off if the makeup artists can keep shaving time off of Jennifer Lawrence's body painting.

"We got Jen's makeup [application] down from I think seven or eight hours on 'X-Men: First Class' to about three or four on this film, which is pretty awful but at least it's not torture," "X-Men: Days of Future Past" writer/producer Simon Kinberg told Yahoo! Movies. "On the last film, I think she'd have to get there sometimes at midnight the night before we shot and sit in that makeup trailer and I guess just sleep until we started."

Indeed Lawrence reportedly called the laborious make-up process the first time around "Mystink."

"She's great and there are so many different ways you could go with the character and a lot of story to tell," Kinberg said. "Part of the challenge of these movies we're talking about is to give everybody enough drama to play, so the notion of Jen being the lead in her own movie is interesting."

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