Fans of show 'Alcatraz' causing problems at prison-turned-park

Fans of the new FOX drama 'Alcatraz' are starting to become a problem for the people who work at the real McCoy.

The National Park Service, which now runs the defunct prison, has put up signs asking visitors who are poking around in closed off areas to please not do so, FOX 40 reports.

“The TV Show Alcatraz is fictional. Many areas depicted in the film are not real,” reads one sign on the premises.

See the Alcatraz sign.

The fictional series, which debuted this fall, features a secret lab underneath Alcatraz and other made-up locations and features that interested tourist viewers may be trying to get a better look at.

The only problem is, they don't exist.

Park rangers also tweeted on Monday that there “are no tunnels like in The Rock either,” referring to the Nicolas Cage movie about Alcatraz of the same name.

(Al Capone doesn't live there anymore either, by the way.)