Extreme Holiday Gifts: From Luxury Houseboats to Diamond Grills

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For those who think they have everything, this holiday season proves there are a lot more things to have.

Just not the Neiman Marcus Camaro.

The Texas-based purveyor of luxury goods sold out of their $75,000 special edition Camaro convertible in three minutes after its appearance on the Today Show on October 19.

"Even though our special edition Camaro sold out, the regular edition is still a wonderful car," Ginger Reeder, a vice president at Neiman Marcus, tells FOX411.com. "And for those looking for a very special gift, I’d suggest our $250,000 houseboat—it’s like a modern loft!”

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Not to be outdone, New York’s famed toy emporium FAO Schwarz is offering a limited-edition hot pink Barbie Foosball Table table that will set you back a cool $25,000. “With only eight Bonzini Babyfoot Barbie Foosball Tables available, we know this is a gift that our customers are interested in buying for the Barbie aficionado in their life,” FAO Schwarz rep Bob Friedland said.

For those who are aficionados of Kanye West’s permanent diamond “grill” replacing his bottom row of teeth, celebrity dentist Dr. Raymond Frye, aptly nicknamed Dr. Bling, can replicate the look with Swarovski crystals for a mere $5,000.

“That’s not the kind of bling we normally do,” Dr. Frye tells Fox 411. “But we can glue Swarovski on to people’s teeth. It’s not permanent, but if you’re careful with it can last for two years. It doesn’t hurt the teeth and it’s reversible.”

Dr. Frye offered celebrities attending the Grammys last year a $20,000 total mouth makeover. Stars including Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson were flown first class up to Dr. Frye’s office in Portland, Oregon for the VIP treatment.

“Shar was really cute,” Dr. Frye said. “I asked her, ‘What do you want your teeth to look like?’ and she said, ‘I know this sounds really bad, but I want them to look like Britney Spears’!’ We gave Shar a very sexy smile. They were cute before, but now they’re sexy!”

If you’re more adventurous in your travels than your dental treatments, then a luxurious safari in South Africa could be the perfect gift.

“Last year, each Oscar nominee received four nights in the 1933 Lodge at Lion Sands private safari camp in South Africa,” Margot Black of Premier Tours told FOX411.com. “The package includes your own private safari camp, with room for up to eight adults and eight children. It costs $10,000 a night for the 1933 Lodge—it includes your own private chef and guided safaris every morning. It’s perfect for whoever desires extraordinary service, luxury and privacy—and it’s totally paparazzi-free!”

Past guests to the 1933 Lodge include Charlize Theron and Ashley Judd—but not Hollywood’s most famous family—yet. “I’m very surprised that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie didn’t redeem their package from last year’s Oscars,” says Black. “I was actually expecting a call from them! The certificate is good through September 2011, so Brand and Angie—if you’re reading this, call me!"

For those who want to give a celebrity gift that won’t break the bank, "Medium" star Patricia Arquette has collaborated with Satya Jewelry to create the Hope, Love Healing necklace to benefit those suffering in Haiti. “It’s $38, really cute and really affordable—and a huge portion of that money goes directly to our projects that we’re working on in Haiti, more than 75 percent," she told FOX411.com

And in the spirit of extreme holiday gift-giving, Patricia Arquette has an exclusive offer for FOX411.com readers. “If someone wanted to donate $10,000, in addition to a selection of Satya’s jewelry, you could spend the afternoon with me!" she said. "We could go to a museum, or lunch—or I could show you how to cook my holiday stuffing. I make it using five different kind of mushrooms and truffle oil—it’s really yummy!”

One hundred percent donations go to GiveLove, Arquette’s collaborative project to help rebuild Haiti. “I think that these days, people want to give in a very meaningful way,” she said. “The holiday season is about love and giving.”


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