Emily Ratajkowski's Skimpy Snapshots, Adam Levine's Huge New Back Tattoo, and Much, Much More

Here's what people keep talking about:

• On Monday, "Blurred Lines" video vixen Emily Ratajkowski — also an occasional SI swimsuit model — Instagrammed a few new underwear shots from her modeling agency (see one above, and the other here). And since we pretty certain you just clicked away to see that second pic, we won't waste our breath on any silly comments or such, as we usually tend to do.

• In related news, we recently met up with Playboy pinup and professional underwear model Gia Genevieve to get her tips for finding a great-fitting bra. Watch the video below to learn some of her tricks, then stay tuned for some accompanying visual aid from her shoot with Playboy. (Purely for educational purposes, of course.)

• Former "Two and a Half Men" actor Charlie Sheen revealed that he's HIV positive on Tuesday's episode of the "Today" show; however, his doctor confirmed that the virus is "undetectable" in his blood. Could it be because Sheen's blood is enriched with jet fuel and tiger DNA? Probably not, but we're glad he's seeing positive results from his medications nonetheless.

• Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine recently debuted his new back tattoo on Instagram, which appears to depict a mermaid cradling a skull like it was a newborn baby (below). In related news, Adam Levine's tattoo artist probably owned a really cool airbrushed Trans Am back in the day.

• This past Monday on Facebook, the Dixie Chicks announced their intentions to headline an American tour for the first time in close to a decade. Band member Emily Robinson even stated, "there's no telling what will happen this time," though we're thinking it's probably safe to assume they'll play "Landslide" at some point.

• NBC has released a trailer for their upcoming live production of "The Wiz" starring Mary J. Blige, Common and David Alan Grier (below). We should mention that this is actually the second trailer NBC has released (after this one), but only the first that gives us a truly good look at Queen Latifah's sweet "Hunger Games" Halloween costume:

• For the first time in history, the Oxford English Dictionary has recognized an emoji as their word of the year: specifically, the "Face With Tears of Joy" emoji you might text to convey laughter or feelings of happiness. Please pass along this information to any middle school children you might know, so they can pad their book reports with emoji as soon as possible.

• Universal has revealed the four new character posters for "The Huntsman: Winter's War," their sequel to the 2012 fairy-tale film "Snow White and the Huntsman." In doing so, they've given us a look at Jessica Chastain's "Warrior" character, who looks like a lady you wouldn't want to tango with, let alone peform any dance where elbows or arms are swung liberally about.

• And finally, Justin Bieber is reportedly offering $2,000 V.I.P. tickets to his upcoming "Purpose" tour, each of which will entitle a fan to a backstage tour, a photo with Biebs, and a personalized plaque to commemorate the day you realized Justin Bieber just totally ripped you off.