Eliot Spitzer's CNN Show Canceled

Eliot Spitzer's show on CNN has been canceled.

Spitzer's show, called 'In the Arena,' will be replaced with one hosted by the network's roving anchor, former "The Mole" host Anderson Cooper.

The show was originally called 'Parker Spitzer' when it premiered on October 4, 2010 with co-host Kathleen Parker.

Parker was fired from the show when its ratings struggled.

"We provided diverse and valuable perspectives during the show's tenure. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CNN," Spitzer said in a statement about the end of his gig on cable news.

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Spitzer resigned the governorship of New York three years ago when it was revealed he frequented prostitutes, including Ashlee Dupre.

His CNN show was seen has his first bid to rehabilitate his public image.