'Edge of Alaska' star Neil Darish laments how the series makes him look

The 42 residents of McCarthy, Alaska, aren’t too thrilled by the idea of businessman Neil Darish’s plan to transform their scenic town into a profitable tourist location. "Edge of Alaska" captures the intense struggle between the small town and Darish.

"...When I first got to McCarthy the thing that floored me was, ‘…[this] really needs to be shared,'" Darish told FOX411 ahead of the show’s second season premiere. "It’s in the center of the largest national park in the country and the most important things to me is that it’s the last non-native community still inside the national park."

Darish insists his goal is to keep McCarthy as authentic as possible, though he says the way the Discovery Channel show portrays him does not always make that clear.

"I started something that always had tourism but it had a few people a week or a few people a day, nothing like Cape Cod, but it’s building," he said. "The biggest thing that I feared was how can you keep it authentic? …I know this isn’t necessarily how the show makes it look, but I really am dedicated to growing it in a way that it can succeed and be sustainable. And what that means is not getting rid of what McCarthy is. The thing we don’t want to lose, the thing I am most fearful about is the authenticity of the town."

Darish thinks the upcoming season of the show tells the town’s story from all sides.

“It’s my story and it’s the town’s story and it’s everybody else’s story…”

Darish said he now truly understands the small Alaskan town.
“I’ve learned to let go of what I think is right and accept lots of different ways to tell what McCarthy is all about. McCarthy is unique; it’s beautiful; it’s heartfelt.”

"Edge of Alaska" returns October 23rd on Discovery.