‘Duck Dynasty’ recap: Phil believes in Bigfoot?

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Family, faith and ducks are at the top of the list of things the reality stars believe in, but in last night’s episode of "Duck Dynasty," Phil revealed he might have faith in something a bit more supernatural.

“Once upon a time a long time ago, I was in the dark woods and I heard this sound,” Phil told his granddaughters in effort to scare them to sleep during a sleepover. “It sounded like a big animal and I could growls and grunts.”

“Was it Bigfoot?” Miss Kay interjected.

“I didn't know at the time but whatever it is it sounds very, very bad,” Phil continued. “So I get my gun ready and you know what it was? It was Uncle Si.”

Although the story frightened the girls, they refused to go to bed and it wasn’t long until Phil dozed off himself.

And in true redneck spirit, Miss Kay and her granddaughters, Mia and Priscilla, sprayed whip cream all over their sleeping grandfather.

While Phil was able to forgive the girls for their prank, he was upset to see them painting their nails.

“That’ll rot your brain,” he told Mia and Priscilla. “You’ve ever seen a dead animal in the road? That’s the way your brain looks.”

“Don’t call our grandkids road kill please,” Miss Kay said.

“When you have a chemical concoction that you're putting on your fingernails, I would be a little suspect of moving that fingernail towards a booger.” Thanks for the phil-osophies, Phil.

While Phil and Miss Kay had their hands full with restless grandchildren, Willie and the Duck Commander crew were preparing for an all-nighter to fill a shipment order at the warehouse.

“Why aren't y'all working?” Willie asked when he saw that the duck call crafters were goofing off, again, during work hours. “The point is we've got to get the work done then we can play.”

Per usual, the guys completely ignored their boss and went on to deal with more important things such as is Uncle Si just like MacGyver?

“Everybody knows [MacGyver] was the ultimate redneck,” said Si. “Kind of like me.”

Need a weapon? Give Si a “flip flop and Big League Chew.” Need a laser? Hand Si six toothbrushes and a pair of sunglasses. Or how about a grilled cheese? “Hey look all I need is a lamp, Jack.”

Luckily, Si never managed to get his hands on any of those items but the all-nighter didn’t end up going as planned.

“It’s borderline embarrassing the real reason Willie is volunteering his help is because he feels like the odd one out,” Jase said in frustration at his younger brother’s need to fit in with the group. “Having [Willie] around here, it's like having your mom at the prom. It’s cramping my style.”

Jase got his payback when Willie fell asleep and they drew think eyebrows with permanent marker on the CEO’s face.

“Willie missed out on a fey key developments while he was asleep,” joked Jase. “When you fall asleep bad things happen.”

“People always say be careful what you wish for, you might just get it,” Willie said. “Lucky for us, Robertsons have extremely thick skin.”

“So it doesn't matter if you end being the butt of the jokes you want to be a part of,” he continued. “Or your scary story plan backfires into some whip cream into your face. You've got to find the humor underneath.”

“As long as everyone including you gets a good laugh out of it, the wish wasn't completely wasted.”