Diego Luna plays legendary womanizer ‘Casanova’ in new Amazon original series

Diego Luna took a break from the director’s chair to stretch his acting chops playing history’s most infamous womanizer Giacomo Casanova.

The 35-year-old Mexican actor said the Italian womanizer and spy was a very “enigmatic” character to play in Amazon’s new original series “Casanova” debuting Aug. 7.

“You don’t know who Casanova is from what you have been watching on film and TV,” Luna told Fox News Latino. “Every time they portray this character they tend to go very easy to a cliché of the idea of this womanizer and amazing lover.”

But in reality, he said, the 18th century adventurer was a “very interesting person” who was very smart with “the ability to become many characters.”

“He was traveling and finding a way to fit in any circumstance,” Luna added.

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Besides promoting this new project, Luna said he is working hard to bridge the film cultures between Latin America and the U.S. with his production company Canana Films.

He said projects like 2014’s “Cesar Chavez” and his new film “Mr. Big” – a road movie set in Mexico starring Danny Glover and Maya Rudolph – are helping establish a connection with the film market in the United States and production in Latin America.

“We are still divided. We have really allowed the borders to separate us and we don’t get to see the movies that are done in Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia,” he said. “We have to think more as a whole, as a main market. There is more that connects us than disconnects us.”

Luna continued: “As filmmakers, we have to think wider and audiences shouldn’t stop that curiosity of what’s going on down the border. We have amazing voices and now we need to connect those voices with an audience.”

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