Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen Was 'A Different Person' When They Married

After months of unhinged rants, dubious adventures with a pair of “goddess” and proclamations of having “Adonis DNA,” axed “Two and a Half Men” star Charlie Sheen has landed a new show, “Anger Management,” and his ex-wife couldn’t be happier.

“He’s doing great,” Denise Richards beamed on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday. “I talk to him quite often, he and I are in a good place. I’m thrilled for him that he’s got the show. I think if anyone can make a comeback, it’s him.”

After some nasty public battles—including Sheen telling Richards to “go cry” to her “bald mom” (her mother was battling a fatal bout of breast cancer at the time)—the formerly feuding exes are in a surprisingly good place.

“We’ve been divorced for over six years, and there’s a reason couples get divorced. The man that I fell in love with is very different from what we’ve all seen. A lot of people always ask me, ‘How could you have married (him)?’ and this and that. I fell in love with a different person than everyone has seen and gotten to know in the last six months.”

Richards, who first gained noticed in “Starship Troopers” and “Wild Things,”  has penned a book, “The Real Girl Next Door” about her journey to Hollywood, marriage, motherhood and divorce.

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“It’s a memoir, so I look back from childhood to present,” Richards explained. “I think a lot of people are surprised that I get into our courtship, and I mention a lot of very fond memories with Charlie. As far as our divorce, I do get into that, but I talk more about how I felt. I think that more people can relate to that, you know the feeling of getting divorced—it’s very devastating.”

Richards is now busy raising her two daughters with Sheen, Sam and Lola, and recently adopted a baby girl, six-week old Eloise Jona.

“I had to make that decision—do I wait for the right partner or keep moving forward with my life?” asked Richards. “I always wanted more children, so I decided to do it on my own.”

Richards' late mother approved the adoption. “My mom was very supportive and knows how much I love being a mother. After she died, I waited to start the process because I was mourning her and going through some other things, so I wanted to wait until I was in a good place to start the process.”

Richards, who earned flack for featuring her young daughters in the 2008 reality show, “It’s Complicated,” defended her choice.

“I couldn’t get a job when I did my reality show,” explains Richards. “I had so much negative attention around me. If I was in a different business, I would leave my personal life at home, but it affected my work so I needed to take a job and a paycheck. I’m grateful that I was able to do that show.

Richards may hold some regrets from airing her family’s dirty laundry on basic cable, but she hopes that people can learn from her experience. “In the book, a lot of people ask me how I got through that time. This isn’t about me trying to tell my side of the story or change perception. It’s hopefully to give someone hope who’s going through something similar to what I did.”