Craig Morgan on MSNBC guest's criticism of country music: Comment was 'ignorant'

Country star and army veteran Craig Morgan fired back at MSNBC guest Jamilah Lemieux's comment that "nothing says 'let's go kill some Muslims,' like country music."

"It's a little insulting but it's also laughable," Morgan said Friday on "FOX & Friends." "I don't know why Ms. Limieux felt the need to be, really it was just rude. I felt like it was a very rude statement." senior editor Jamilah Lemieux made the comment in regards to presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz's remarks on "CBS This Morning" that he switched from rock to country music after 9/11. She was met with giggles from her fellow guests Michael Steele and Joan Walsh on MSNBC's "Now with Alex Wagner."

"In my opinion, even worse was Ms. Walsh's reaction, you know, her laughing and then I thought that her insulting the 'bless their hearts, the country people' comment," Morgan continued. "There's a lot of ignorance on their part I believe more than anything."

A few moments after Lemieux's comments, fill-in host Ari Melber addressed the camera telling viewers, "We have a programming note. A few minutes ago on this program, a guest made a comment about country music that was not appropriate, and we want to be clear this network does not condone it."