Country singer RaeLynn loves her new title of 'military wife'

Newlywed country star RaeLynn announced this week her husband Joshua Davis enlisted in the military. She told Fox News that she's already struggling with not talking to her new hubby but is filled with comfort knowing he is doing what he loves.

Fox News: You shared the news on Valentine’s Day that your husband Josh has joined the military. What led to that decision?
RaeLynn: It's funny because I was really debating on if I wanted to tell everybody that he was leaving or how I wanted to approach it, because if you know Josh, he doesn't like when attention is on him. And so it was hard for us to figure out what we wanted to do. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought it was the right thing to tell my fans...what he was doing. I didn't want them to think something was going on because maybe he wouldn't be with me at a red carpet or be in pictures with me...and I didn't want any weird speculation to happen when he’s doing something so honorable.


Fox News: What was the reaction like from your family and fans?
RaeLynn: It has been incredible. Everybody has given me so much great advice and sending me so much love. And a time when it is going to be a little lonely, it means the world to me. It just reminds me I am not alone and I have such a community of people that are going to be there for me.

Fox News: Was this something you had discussed prior to getting married?
RaeLynn: It was something I've known about for a while and we were just figuring out timing...He wanted to get in a certain part of the service and contract and really wanted to make sure he was physically capable to do it. And all of that factored in and when he got what he wanted, it was just like a no-brainer.

How am I going to tell my husband he can’t follow his dream?When I am leaving him to go on the road, even though it is sad to leave the one I love, it is bittersweet because I get to go travel and sing and meet my fans and do what I love. Even though it’s hard for him to leave me, he's doing what he loves and that's awesome.

Fox News: You're probably just getting used to the term "wife" after getting married in February 2016. Now you’re going to have to get used to "military wife." How do you feel about that?
RaeLynn: I love it. There is not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for my freedom and for the country I live in and now to have my favorite person in the world serving our country, for our freedom, is by far the best thing in the world.

To say I’m an military wife is the coolest thing in the world…my husband is doing something that is so honorable and amazing. Even though this is just the beginning, and there are going to be nights when I’m so sad.


Fox News: Your brother is in the military. Has he given your husband any tips?
RaeLynn: My brother is in the Special Forces and [he] gives a lot of advice. It’s actually crazy because my brother hasn't even met my husband and they’ve only talked on FaceTime. My brother was trying to come to my wedding but he couldn't get leave so that was really hard for me because me and my brother are super close. He’s given him so much great advice— what to do, what not to do, what it is going to be like with me and him. It was really good for him to have somebody to call on because nobody in Josh's family has served.

Fox News: Your new album "Wildhorse" is coming out March 24.
RaeLynn: Oh my gosh! I am beyond excited. This record is like my baby and I’ve been waiting so long for all the fans to hear it and I can’t wait for them to be able to absorb every song and every lyric.


Fox News: You wrote a song for your husband called "Diamond." This new chapter must be inspiring you a lot musically, will we see more of that?
RaeLynn: Of course…there are probably going to be a few sad ones, I’m not going to lie! With this new adventure and new path in our lives, writing has always been a way to release how I's kind of like therapy for myself and I definitely know I am going to get some incredible music through these next years and months when he is gone. But it’s cool because now I know I have a community of women and men that have dealt what I’m dealing with.