Corey Haim Obsessed With Vicodin and Pain Killers, Says Pal

Corey Haim died in Los Angeles in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and while an investigation is underway to determine the cause of death, the LAPD suspects an accidental drug overdose.

According to the coroner, four prescription drug bottles were found in his North Hollywood apartment but there was no sign of illegal drugs.

A former friend of Haim, producer Nathan Folks, told Pop Tarts that despite the child star’s long battle with illicit drugs, to his knowledge Haim no longer did illegal drugs, but may have developed a fixation on prescription medication. 

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“Corey was a great person that struggled with being a past child actor. The pressure this town has on people to make it is very intense and Corey struggled with drugs all of his life. He was obsessed with vicodin and pain killers. When he came to my house, that was all he wanted,” Folks said. “He worked really hard to overcome his addiction to illegal drugs and was very anti-drugs and was in AA and NA for years which really saddens me. But it seemed like he turned to prescription drugs instead.”

Folks told us that over the last year he had to “distance himself” from the actor as he seemed to “slipping,” but their last conversation two months ago was positive, and Haim seemed to be doing well.

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“I was considering him for one of my next films; he was definitely ready for a comeback. It's really a shame, he was true victim of this town,” Folks added. “Corey has an adorable mother who must be in shock. She went through a lot with him and to see his legacy end like this must be painful for her.”

Haim’s mother told that her son was helping her battle cancer when he passed away.

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Michael Masucci, the director of one of Haim’s latest films “American Sunset,” filmed in Canada last May and slated for release this year, told Pop Tarts that the 38-year-old appeared to be doing “fine” when they last spoke a few weeks ago.

“It’s devastating, absolutely tragic. He was a truly gifted and talented actor and a great friend of mine, he will be truly missed," Masucci said. "Working with him was amazing. He was a tremendously talented actor, very passionate and dedicated to the craft and to making the best possible movie he could make. From day one, we just clicked.”

Masucci said he saw no signs that Haim was on drugs.

"He was fine; there was nothing I think out of the ordinary," he said. "I’m just as surprised as every one else. I’m in shock right now.”

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