Comedian beaten with bat onstage by fellow comedian

Standup comedian Dylan Avila was violently attacked by a man wielding a baseball bat while he was performing on stage at The Local 907 Club in Renton, Wash., Q13FOX reports.

“I just saw an image and a blur and a bat,” Avila told the news station.

Avila said a fellow comedian named Steve Baldwin attacked him. According to Komo News, the suspect is in jail and charges are still pending.

According to Avila, Baldwin had previously been asked by the club’s owners not to return to club because they considered his act to be too obscene for their stage.

“It was offensive on every level,” Avila said. “There was no joke told, and there was nothing humorous about it.”

Witnesses told Q13FOX the suspect snuck into the club while Avila was on stage hosting and then proceeded to get on the stage and attack him.

“He was swinging, and had every intention of killing him,” said Avila’s friend James Taylor. “He wasn’t going to stop.”

Some of Avila’s friends rushed on the stage and managed to stop the brutal beat down. But not before the comedian was injured.

The baseball bat beating sent Avila to the hospital with a double concussion. Doctors took him into emergency surgery and placed titanium plates in his skull, Q13FOX reported.

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