Chrissy Teigen, daughter Luna play with mysterious bug in viral video

Chrissy Teigen didn’t “bug out” when she allowed a mysterious insect to crawl on her skin as daughter Luna closely watched.

“Time for another game of “what’s this bug!?”!” Teigen, 32, wrote on Twitter, along with a video of the creature.

Teigen wrote a message to followers in white font across the center of the video: “I swear to god if one of you tells me this is a deadly bug I will vomit.”

A few minutes later, Teigen tweeted her thoughts on the species.

“I think I just gently played with a hornet,” she said.

Several Twitter users told her the bug was a tarantula hawk, a type of wasp.

“Oh my god but he was so nice,” she insisted.

The model soon requested experts weigh in.

“Is there a god damn entomologist here,” she asked.

Some users suggested the bug was a potter wasp or a paper wasp, both of which are vespids, among other creatures.


The National Park Service said tarantula hawks typically feed on flowers, but their appetite for the large spiders earned them their name.

"While adult tarantula hawks are nectavores ... they get their name because adult females hunt tarantulas as food for their larvae," the NPS said in a post online.

NPS notes that only female members of the species have stingers, but they can pack a punch.

"They will not sting unless provoked, but their sting is reported to be the second most painful sting of any insect," the agency described.

Teigen explained to critics the bug simply had crawled on her with her daughter sitting nearby.

“Oh dear here comes the fun..okay should I not hold potentially deadly creatures? no. should I do it around my daughter? Super no,” she admitted. “But it crawled on me and seemed injured and well, not angry, not scary. And I’m normally super freaked (remember house centipede??).”

Teigen safely released the bug, but he "crawled right back," the model said, adding they shared a special bond.

“Anyhow bug and i are friends now. And perhaps with time, lovers,” she joked.