Cher goes after EPA chief Scott Pruitt: He 'deserves to be in prison'

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Cher thinks Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt belongs behind bars.

She wrote on Sunday, "Scott Pruitt deserves to be in prison."

The “Half Breed” singer scathed: “I hope Any poison He’s Allowed To Come in contact with innocent Children, comes back to him 10,000 TIMES.”

The tweet was in response to a Think Progress article that accuses Pruitt of rescinding a policy enacted by former President Obama designed to reduce the number of chemical disasters in more than 10,000 plants across the nation.

"Accident prevention is a top priority at EPA, and this proposed rule will ensure proper emergency planning and continue the trend of fewer significant accidents involving chemicals," said Pruitt in a statement.

"The rule proposes to reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens, address the concerns of stakeholders and emergency responders on the ground, and save Americans roughly $88 million a year."

Cher has been flexing her political muscles in recent months. This is the first time she’s spoken out this candidly since she criticized President Trump and described him as a "malignant tumor eating its way through our constitution" back in April in a since-deleted tweet.