'Cheaters' Creator Says Show Hosts Michelle McGee & Jamie Jungers Won't Be 'Publicized in a Good Way'

Earlier this week, veteran “Cheaters” producer Bobby Goldstein announced that he was shopping around another reality TV style show entitled “Celebrity Cheaters”, which seeks to expose unfaithful high-profile spouses.

And of course, the show will be hosted by none other than alleged Tiger Woods mistress Jamie Jungers and alleged Jesse James mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

So will these ladies be earning the big bucks and garnering even more fame from their misbehavior?

“We're not publicizing them in a good way, we're just showing them off as being home wreckers,” Goldstein told Tarts in his defense. “We will do, in effect, what BF Skinner called "operative conditioning" in the '50s when mice in the laboratory were conditioned to eat a reward of cheese if they went the right way and a penalty of electric shock if they went the wrong way.”

Still disgusted? Well it turns out that Goldstein himself wouldn’t even watch the show.

“I wouldn't watch it, but apparently people do like it. My show "Cheaters" has been on for 11 years now non-stop and it's done very well and held up even in spite of the overall drop in TV ratings,” he said. “(Cheating) seems to be the most sensational topic du jour and it's not going away. America is finally really looking at itself in the mirror and saying, 'Is this what we've become?' We have got to stop the fornication. It's just gone wild.”

And while Goldstein said it was too “premature” to give out any information regarding what celebs they hope to target, he believes it is his duty as a citizen of this world to do what government officials won’t do – take down those doing the dirty.

“The government has discontinued the laws that made it a crime to commit adultery and cheat. But if the government won't do anything about it, then the people who have the power can do something about it by ridiculing those who get caught,” he added. “We're going to be conducting surveillance much like J. Edgar Hoover in the FBI did. We're going to know who is fornicating and who is not. And if they are, they are going to get whacked by the show.”

The uber-successful “Cheaters” is currently in its tenth season and airs in over 100 countries – so could this new Hollywood-inspired, scandal driven show follow in its footsteps?

Stay tuned.