Charlize Theron recalls inviting Obama to a strip club

Charlize Theron gave President Barack Obama a bizarre suggestion for how he can reach a more diverse demographic.

The 39-year-old actress admitted on Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" that she cringes every time she thinks of what she said to the Commander in Chief.

Theron recalled that Obama said he enjoyed being on Kimmel's show because he reaches a younger audience. The "Mad Max: Fury Road" star then blurted out, "Well, if you're looking for a different demographic, I can take you to a strip club."

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Mortified, she added, "I couldn't sleep for four weeks because every time I closed my eyes, I went 'Agh, oh my god, I said that.'"

Kimmel joked, "If you said that to [former] President Clinton, you would probably still be there."

Apparently, Theron puts her foot in her mouth often when in uncomfortable situations.

"I have this thing when I'm nervous that I will say something really inappropriate and it's like tourettes," she confessed. "I don't know how to stop it. It's like verbal diarrhea. [Obama] waited to meet me. Everything had stopped around his world to meet me and it was just a lot of pressure."

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Theron -- who recently broke up with Sean Penn -- said Obama handled their interaction like a pro. "He was so gracious and funny," she continued. "And you could tell I was really nervous and he was nothing but lovely."