Celebs tweet happiness over President Obama's win; impressed with Romney's 'classy' concession

One thing celebs love to do is hear themselves talk. Or tweet. So as the polls came to a close on Tuesday night revealing President Obama would win a second term, scores of Hollywood types took to their favorite social network to express themselves.

"OMG! I'm so happy! This is one of the great nites of my life!!! Tears r streaming down my face! Women we have a champion!!!" exclaimed Cher (who knew she could still feel her face?), while Olivia Wilde tweeted "AMERICA! You have spoken! Women! You have been heard!" Demi Lovato wrote that "tonight is a good night for women," while official Obama co-chair Eva Longoria hollered "We did it! Yes we can!"

Katy Perry, who recently donned Obama-branded clothes for her performances, tweeted "Done and Dusted!" while Mandy Moore wrote "so F'ing proud of my country and our President" and Lady Gaga expressed that she too was "so proud to be an American tonight." Comedian Sarah Silverman kept it classy by re tweeting former GOP hopeful Rick Santorum's tweet that "religious freedom is under attack" along with her input: "might it help to suck a d**k?"

Actor Mark Ruffalo declared that "the American people beat bigotry and racial hatred" and that it was a win for the "working class." Neil Patrick Harris shared a loud "Yahoooo! Four more years!" Samuel L. Jackson projected "a deep sigh of relief before celebration" and musician Adam Levine stated: "that's what happens when you f**k with Sesame Street."

Country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus congratulated the president and America, adding that "the process worked and freedom rings," and Gabrielle Union gave a shout-out and "standing ovation" to "all the #Volunteers poll workers, voters."

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Not all celebs were crowing, as those who supported GOP candidate Mitt Romney expressed their disappointment.

"This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy," tweeted Donald Trump while Meghan McCain noted: "Heartbroken. My party has to evolve or it's going to die" before giving "props" to Colorado for legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults.

Prominent GOP supporter Scott Baio took the news with a comedic touch by declaring "when all fails, watch #seedarun on DVR!"

That's his TV show.

Romney's concession speech, in which he thanked his family and encouraged citizens to "rise to the occasion" and take part in guiding the nation, attracted significant applause from Tinseltown types.

"Bless you Gov. Romney. You concluded with honor, grace and compassion," tweeted Jason Alexander. Chaz Bono called it "classy and honest," Russell Simmons said he was "blown away by (the) genuine and graceful speech," and Rashida Jones referred to it as "nicely done." "Blink 182" front man Mark Hoppus also remarked that while he did not want Romney to win, it was indeed a "classy speech."

Actor Rob Lowe used the election results as an opportunity to call for unity.

"Now we come together," he tweeted. "It is time for our leaders to lead. We will do our part, if they will do theirs."

- Danielle Jones-Wesley contributed to this report.