Celebrities are people, too, and that means they celebrate — or dread — Valentine's Day just as much as they rest of us. Here's a look at what stars from music, film and TV have planned for Feb. 14.

Melissa Leo, an Oscar nominee for best actress, is keeping things simple. "I'll make a Valentine for my son, and I know I'll get one from my mom," she said. "That I know for sure."

• Best New Artist Grammy winner Adele has mixed feelings about the holiday: "I don't like Valentine's Day. Well you know what, I don't like Valentine's Day if I'm single, but if things sort themselves out by the 14th, then ..."

• Actress Teri Hatcher would rather establish her own holiday. "I'm thinking of throwing a Single Awareness party for all of my friends. No, I'm not doing that. I'm kidding," she said. "What are my plans right now? Making Valentines for my daughter's school, and probably putting together little things for her. I don't have any plans."

• Supporting actress Oscar nominee Viola Davis celebrates year-round: "Me and my husband, we just usually eat a fabulous meal at a great restaurant. I have to tell you, and I'm not trying to be melodramatic, with my husband, every day is Valentine's Day. So it's just another day."

Dakota Fanning gets into the holiday spirit. "I love Valentine's Day," she said. "I think I love hearts, and I love pink and I love candy and flowers."

• Grammy-winning singer Duffy said she'll spend the evening singing to "beautiful men." "It's the day where love dreams come true. No, actually. It never worked for me," she said. "But I am playing Heaven, it's a gay club ... so I'm playing this concept with all these beautiful men. Unfortunately that are not really into me in a romantic sense. But here's hoping."

• "The Office" star Jenna Fisher has platonic plans: "A friend is mine's daughter is having her bat mitzvah on Valentine's Day, so that's where I'll be."

• Pregnant rapper M.I.A. said she might choose that day to give birth: "Maybe if we're not going to have the baby at the Grammys, it could be a week late and come on Valentine's Day. Yeah, you never know."