When Carmen Electra found out she was staying at the same hotel as her ex-husband Dave Navarro, she was pleasantly surprised.

The “Baywatch” bombshell and rocker were married from 2003 until 2007.

“We hung out for a little bit,” the 45-year-old actress told Life & Style Wednesday. “It was really, really good to see him… We have this connection and we understand each other so well.”

Electra even hinted to the magazine that she and the 50-year-old former Jane’s Addiction guitarist might rekindle their romance in the future.

“We adore each other,” she explained. “Getting back together? Who knows. You never know what can happen in the future. He’s a great guy. Maybe we’ll surprise everybody and get married again! I’ll definitely say that we have a love for each other that is beyond what I can even explain.”

Electra previously told Fox News earlier this year that she’s open to the possibility of finding love again.

“I’m actually single right now,” she said. “But I believe in love and I think the right person will come my way. I think I’m a little pickier now. I just want the right thing. [But] I also decided to focus on work. I’ve been out on some dates, but nothing has really panned out for me. I’m not out there looking. I think that it will happen naturally and I’ll be excited for that day.”