Carmen Electra shares secrets to the 'Baywatch' slo-mo run, says her biological clock is ticking

It has been 20 years since Carmen Electra was introduced to the pop music world by Prince. Since then she’s been a Pussycat Doll, a 'Baywatch' babe and even endured a tumultuous marriage to Dennis Rodman, of all people.

Now the 40-year-old pin-up queen is back with a new dance single and rumors that she will be joining Howard Stern at the judges table of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ although she refused to confirm anything other than that she “adores” reputed beau (and ‘America’s Got Talent’ honcho) Simon Cowell.

She spoke to FOX411 about her new song and what it’s like running in slo-mo, 'Baywatch'.

FOX411: You have a new single, ‘I Like it Loud,’ out. What took you so long?

Carmen Electra: I honestly didn’t feel like it was the right time and the right moment. My career sort of went off in so many different directions which I love because I get bored really easy. So it’s been this amazing ride but deep down inside my true love and passion is music. It was just a matter of meeting the right people, the right timing and everything started to flow in the right direction. It’s a great dance track, it’s a really fun party song. Hopefully I can make everyone dance.

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FOX411: You were in ‘The Pussycat Dolls’ which really started the whole dancing-while-singing phenomenon.

Electra: When I started my career off I was really inspired by Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul. They launched that idea. As a young girl growing up in Cincinnati I idolized their music videos and I would watch them over and over and learn the choreography. When I was working with Prince I definitely wanted to incorporate my dance background into the music and now here we are again!

FOX411: You were on ‘Baywatch.’ Do you have to learn how to run in slow motion?

Electra: There is definitely a technique to the Baywatch run. It was sort of slow motion, you’re breathing a little sexy but a little serious. It was definitely a challenge, it’s much harder to run slower than it is to run fast.

FOX411: Is it hard aging in an industry that places so much emphasis on looks?

Electra: I’ve definitely gone through phases in my life. I think no matter what age you are... I have this thing where if you look in the mirror and your eyes sparkle, that’s the happiest thing. I think it depends. I don’t really look at it that way. I try to have fun and be happy and I think that shows through in everything.

FOX411: You turned 40 this year. Did it freak you out?

Electra: I thought it was going to but to be honest it’s been amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wouldn’t go back in time. I love where I am right now. I feel happy. Some people say, ‘You look better now then you did then.’ I take that to heart and live on that positivity. I love that.

FOX411: Has your biological clock started ticking?

Electra: I definitely have that yearning, absolutely. It is the only thing I haven’t done in life. I had such a strong bond and connection with my mother who has passed away. I do yearn for that connection again. We’ll see what happens.

FOX411: So should guys send their resume to a P.O. box to your attention?

Electra: (Laughs) I like that! Why not?